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Clear and clean-cut design

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 MIRA, a family of small wall light characterized by clear and clean-cut line available in round

 and square body. The housing is made from copper free enhanced LM6 die-cast aluminium

 with high corrosion resistant property. The front glass cover is flush to the luminaire housing

 thus dust and water are not accumulated. MIRA utilizes COB LED from industry renowned

 manufacturer and is available in 2700K, 3000K or 4000K, all are 3-step SDCM.

 The specular computer-aided-design reflector with spill light cut-off louver provides sharp

 light distribution on the surfaces.

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 Mini MIRA Round - Wall Downlight
 Mini MIRA Round - Wall Up/Downlight
 Mini MIRA Square - Wall Downlight
 Mini MIRA Square - Wall Up/Downlight

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